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The journey of ELEMIS began in 1989, bringing over 25 years of wisdom through the years.  Born out of the vision to bring together the power of nature, science and aromatics. To harness the dynamism of the highest-grade actives and create a skincare line that would transform the frontline of the beauty industry.  Since its journey, ELEMIS has cruised the world, and changed the face of skincare with the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, and went on to launch the first clinically trialled facial in the world in 2004.  A decade on and ELEMIS has successfully procured over 200 Beauty Awards.

ELEMIS' scientific objective has always been to provide skin and body care of the highest quality and efficacy. Blending superior botanicals and laboratory-made ingredients such as peptides and anti-oxidants, we create formulations that undergo meticulous clinical and consumer testing. We are dedicated to delivering products that visibly renew and enhance the appearance of skin, offering truly remarkable results.


ELEMIS is dedicated to exploring our global ecosystem and supporting its communities. Our plant-based botanicals are sourced from all corners of the globe. Chosen for their uniqueness, potency, dynamic properties and efficacy, our scientists expertly hand-blend these in development to produce revolutionary, cutting-edge formulas.

Biotec, Ultrasonic, Microcurrent, Galvanic, Light Therapy, O2 Infusion
ELEMIS Biotec, Ultrasonic Peel, Microcurrent, Galvanic, Light Therapy, O2 Infusion
ELEMIS Biotec, Utrasonic, Microcurrent, Galvanic, Light Therapy, O2 Infusion
ELEMIS Biotec, Ultrasonic, Microcurrent, Galvanic, Light Energy, O2 Infusion

'Tis the season to love British Beauty.  

Discover these exquisite collections.  

Perfect gifts expertly curated for the ones you loves.

Spoil loved ones with the gift of "me time". From The Ultimate Gift of Pro-Collagen, to the Brilliantly Beautiful Gift Set or Joyful Glow of the Christmas scented candle.  


Leighton Denny’s passion for nails started over 20 years ago. In 2001, 2002 and 2003 Leighton won British Nail Technician of the Year and in 2004 he was voted into the Hall of Fame and became a judge.

For years, Leighton worked on celebrities and on countless fashion shoots and high profile events. In 2005, he decided to launch his own range, pouring all of his passion and expert knowledge into a range of professional quality products. Since then, the range has evolved into one of the world’s leading professional nail care brands.

In 2015, Leighton was awarded an MBE by Her Majesty The Queen for his contribution to the nail and beauty industry.

Leighton Denny Expert Nails at The Beauty Inn
Biotec, Ultrasonic, Microcurrent, Galvanic, Light Therapy, O2 Infusion
ELEMIS Biotec, Ultrasonic Peel, Microcurrent, Galvanic, Light Therapy, O2 Infusion
ELEMIS Biotec, Utrasonic, Microcurrent, Galvanic, Light Therapy, O2 Infusion
ELEMIS Biotec, Ultrasonic, Microcurrent, Galvanic, Light Energy, O2 Infusion

'Tis the season to love British Beauty.  

Discover these exquisite collections.  

Perfect gifts expertly curated for the ones you loves.

Spoil loved ones with the gift of "me time". From The Ultimate Gift of Pro-Collagen, to the Brilliantly Beautiful Gift Set or Joyful Glow of the Christmas scented candle.  




Our products are infused with powerful natural ingredients, including British grown herbs with a long history of healing - such as borage and thyme- and medicinal flowers such as Rose Geranium.

Our anti-inflammatories include Nature’s best - arnica and calendula, and these age-old solutions are mixed to phenomenal effect with vitamins, stem cells, and - most revolutionary of all - incredibly precious homeopathic filaments distilled, sometimes for years, from powerful gem stones such as amethyst and granite, and even pearls.

No other brand has blended these varying healing ingredients to such profound effect. Packed with goodness, many of the resulting products are also dual purpose two-in-one fixers and all smell incredibly uplifting and clearing, with base notes of Rose Geranium, Blue Chamomile and wild grown Green Vetiver. 

Ila's apothecary marks a new dawn for the mother of organic British brands.  With incredibly potent and effective ingredients, this accessible everyday range taps into the new mood for beauty products which do more than simply look after skin. The whole range has been designed with the desire to tap in to the energetic needs of the busy, modern woman, men and the family, without compromising on quality. Containing no chemicals, and truly delivering on their promise, these are pioneering products with a purpose.  What we put on our skin directly nourishes and calms our heart - the center of emotional well being, energy and vitality, and an incredible 75% of our emotions are generated by what we smell.  Few other brands work with this profound understanding. Every cream, oil, scrub, mask, candle and fragrance designed by Ila hopes to nourish and balance the deep and sacred essence of the individual, providing a path to peace and inner joy.


Newby Teas is substantially owned by the N. Sethia Foundation, a registered charity with projects and programmes around the world, ensuring absolute integrity and peerless standards. Founded by Newby’s Chairman Mr N. Sethia, the foundation is focused on providing education, medical research, spiritual freedom and disaster relief where it is most needed; these projects are in turn supported and championed by Newby making it an extraordinary tea company naturally committed to worthy causes.  With offices around the world, Newby’s fine teas and tisanes can be found in five-star hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, high-end stores and esteemed heritage venues across the globe. In addition, there are traces of Newby Teas at a number of global cultural institutions. Proud to share tea’s history and support cultural causes, Newby curates the largest private collection of antique tea wares in the world. 

Meticulously packed using tech-materials and transported carefully to tea lovers all over the world, Newby teas are renowned for uncompromising flavour that mirrors the character of their source. This dedication to quality has earnt the company numerous awards for taste to packaging design.  Selecting the best leaves from prime harvest seasons, Newby’s dedicated tea tasters trial thousands of cups before selecting bespoke blends. These high-grade teas are then preserved at a state-of-the-art centre in India’s finest tea-growing region, ensuring an unbeatable level of quality and freshness. 

By painstakingly sourcing, blending, preserving and serving the world’s finest teas, Newby guarantees that its products have integrity. Not only do they set the bar for tea’s luxury standard, they speak volumes on the lost art of truly understanding and appreciating the well-loved drink.  Newby was founded in London at the turn of the millennium with a single mission, to reintroduce quality tea and revive the world’s love for it. 

Committed to excellence, to the history and to the heart of fine tea, Newby invites you to change the way you think about tea and discover a world of deeply satisfying flavour with every perfect cup.

Newby of London at The Beauty Inn


Margaret Dabbs is passionate about hands and feet. She is the celebrated podiatrist and foot expert who founded her first foot clinic in London in 1998 in private consulting rooms in the Harley Street area of Central London. She went on to create the Margaret Dabbs London brand to include foot clinics with nails spas across the UK and internationally, introducing teams of both qualified podiatrists and professional beauticians to perform her unique treatments.

It was here she pioneered the now world renowned Medical Pedicure and went on personally to craft her own line of award-winning products and treatments for use in her clinics. These were designed to bridge the gap that she saw in the market and to provide expert, credible, results driven foot and hand treatments.

Margaret felt that beauty products for the feet did not work on a treatment level, and that the treatment remedies which were available were often unpleasant to use. She sourced ingredients from around the world and formulated products to meet the demands and needs of her patients while ensuring that the scent, look and feel of these products were unlike anything that had been pioneered previously, products that were beautifying, anti-ageing and luxurious but also exceptionally effective on a treatment level.

The key super ingredient, around which the Margaret Dabbs London products are based, is Australian Emu Oil. Renowned for its incredible healing properties, and aboriginal in origin, Emu Oil has been used medicinally for thousands of years.

This innovative, unique fusion of beauty and health for the hands and feet transformed the market – celebrating the quality and effectiveness that comes from years of hand and foot expertise.

Margaret Dabbs London is the globally recognised brand specialising in both credible, results driven feet, hands and leg products and also manicure, pedicure and leg treatments for both men and women which will provide effective, long lasting anti-ageing for hands, feet and legs. Our philosophy is simple – your hands, feet and legs are very important to your look and well-being and we give to them the respect you and they deserve. Book a treatment or buy some products – you will be in for a treat!

The Margaret Dabbs London Fabulous Hands and Feet Product range is sold at some of the world’s most iconic retailers and our specialist treatments are performed at leading hotels and spas globally. Our secret is to fuse together the best of medical with the best of beauty to produce a unique range of effective, results-driven yet luxurious products and treatments. We can do this so well because of our unrivalled expertise, experience and professional standards in this area.

Margaret Dabbs London now consists of eight clinics in the UK and three outside the UK in A Coruña, Spain, Dubai and Doha, Qatar.

At the heart of the business is Margaret herself who as our founder has guided the business and infused her own philosophy and beliefs into all of our products and treatments. She alone has put hands and feet back where they belong – at the forefront of the beauty industry.

Margaret Dabbs London
Philip Kingsley London at The Beauty Inn


Philip Kingsley qualified as a Trichologist in 1953, he was Chairman of the Institute of Trichologists, and eventually attained the highest honour as a Fellow Member.  Born in London’s East End in 1930, through his immense passion, perseverance, and continuous study and research, Philip worked his way to become, whom many consider, the world’s leading expert on hair and scalp care.  He created a unique, award-winning product range that helps bridge the gap between science and hairdressing. 

Philip was the man who coined the phrase ‘bad hair day’, and was the first to introduce the idea of ‘hair textures’ into the hair industry, and developed the world’s first ‘pre-shampoo conditioner’, and introduced the concept of scalp masks, scalp tonics and hair treatments into the market, and was the first to link hair health with nutrition and bodily wellbeing.  Due to his popularity, in 1997 Philip was asked to create a retail range for salon distribution. All based on his expert clinic formulations, it resulted in the first in-salon, Trichologically driven hair and scalp range.  Philip Kingsley products not only address the cosmetic appearance of hair, but also its health and integrity.  Philip gave reassurance to those who simply wanted the best from their hair, treating celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Cate Blanchett and Sienna Miller, as well as providing hair solutions for countless others, and consulted to royalty and celebrities alike.

Sienna X at The Beauty Inn


Founded in 1875, Charbonnel et Walker is one of Britain’s first and finest chocolatiers. Encouraged by Edward VII, (then the Prince of Wales), Charbonnel et Walker formed as a partnership between Mrs Walker and Mme Charbonnel, the latter from the esteemed Maison Boissier chocolate house in Paris.

The original shop opened at 173 New Bond Street in Mayfair and has remained in Bond Street ever since. It is housed in one of London’s most elegant arcades, the Royal Arcade on Old Bond Street. We feel proud and privileged to be endorsed by the Royal Warrant as one of the few chocolatiers to Her Majesty The Queen.

The rich heritage of Charbonnel et Walker weaves together a magnificent patronage of colourful characters from Royalty and Aristocracy to Socialites and Screen Legends.

Charbonnel et Walker chocolates are hand-made to the traditional recipes of Madame Charbonnel, and are particularly renowned for our dark chocolate, made from the finest dark couverture. The result is a decadently rich taste and an unforgettable experience. Our luxurious hand-made boxes and satin ribbons complete the perfect gift for every occasion. A beautifully presented box of Charbonnel et Walker chocolates is certain to delight, an exquisite expression of your care and affection and a gift to charm the senses.


A master of his profession, no one understands the transformative power of hair better than Kevin Murphy. His work has graced the covers of all the major global print publications, and he has directed hair teams for countless high profile fashion houses. Having trained at Vidal Sassoon in London, Kevin returned to Australia to establish himself as one of the country’s most sought-after stylists. As a regular contributor to Australian Vogue he carved his niche within the industry as the go-to guy for the iconic ‘Beach Hair’ look, and in 2007, was awarded the Australian Masters Award at the AHFAS for his outstanding contributions to the profile of Australian Hairdressing worldwide.

Today, Kevin remains at the forefront of an industry that he is deeply committed to and passionate about. From leading the trends with new, innovative hair designs, through to ground breaking products that are kind to the environment as well as being kind to the hair, Kevin Murphy is recognised amongst his peers as a visionary in the creation of modern, hairdressing products and tools.

Born from the same philosophy as skincare, KEVIN.MURPHY products are weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength and longevity.

Combining hi-tech scientific knowledge with the best natural ingredients available, KEVIN.MURPHY products provide the tools to recreate high-fashion runway looks in the salon or at-home, while always remaining kind to the environment.

Margaret Dabbs London
Sienna X at The Beauty Inn


Ghd are leading the way in understanding the science of hair. Our Research & Development labs in Cambridge are unique in combining physicists, material scientists, product designers and hair specialists to focus solely on the terminal manipulation of hair. The facility allows for scientific testing on hair and the development of new products, as well as product performance testing.

In 2001, three hairdressers from Yorkshire put a radical new hair styling product into the hands of women across the globe.  With the respect and loyalty of an army of devoted stylists, ghd quickly developed a cult-like status nationwide. A monthly trip to the salon was no longer the only way to have a good hair day - this could be achieved every day.  

OUR PURPOSE?  "Empower all women to look and feel beautiful so they can fulfil their every ambition."

Today, women around the world are more ambitious than ever before. And beauty is more important than it ever has been.  Beautiful Ambition is a celebration of the amazing things women can achieve when they look and feel their most beautiful selves. We believe beauty fuels ambition, and ambition is beautiful.  We champion beauty, in all that we do, with one very clear purpose in mind: to empower all women so they can fulfil their every ambition.  We are daring. We are ambitious. We are ghd.


Our humble beginnings started in a California garage, and since 2014 have grown exponentially to include millions of fans worldwide. Our patented technology is continuously changing what is possible for hair!  The ingredient that changed it all.

Known as the “invention,” the Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate ingredient allowed professionals to reach new heights in colour & care. Hair wasn't just healthier; it took on a completely different quality — blondes were brighter, brunettes more radiant, and redheads more vibrant. Today OLAPLEX is one of the largest independent hair care brands in the world with over 100 worldwide patents. Through a grassroots approach, the brand quickly became a global sensation, paving the way for a completely new category of haircare called “bond-building."

Margaret Dabbs London
Sienna X at The Beauty Inn

Nanokeratin Smoothing System

Synergizing beauty, science and wellbeing at the forefront of hair technology, Nanokeratin System is a global Bio-Technological pioneer, focused on researching & developing innovative convalescence technologies pioneering knowledge beyond boundaries.

Inspiration by Nature and Biomimicry concept means studying natural hair process and understanding how natural healthy hair acts so we can provide damaged hair the tools and conditions for it to heal itself by itself from the inside in order to retrieve back to natural healthy state.  Nanokeratin Systems Biomimetic particles perform Enzyme alike affinity to hair structure which means they generate processes, as biological Enzyme does, in order to stimulate and enable inner self recuperation by damaged hair

We understand our clients’ desire for a healthy natural look perfect hair which is toned, elastic, smooth, soft, detangled, humidity-proof, frizz controlled and manageable, having intensive hair growth, reduced friction between hair strands for freedom of movement and intensified natural shine.

We are also aware of our clients’ growing demand for not compromising health and having a healthy hair comprising cross-linked hair bonds and constructed hair fibres.  Understanding our clients’ needs, we set up extensive Research & Development with tailor-made hair Convalescence technologies and developed our advanced innovative series, based on pioneering patented Biomimetic technologies, to be applied within In Salon service and complementary Home Care service.  These innovative series were developed to benefit our clients in achieving hair perfection of beauty and health fulfilling their needs and desires.

Nouveau Lashes


We’ve been lifting lashes and self-confidence since 2005. In that time, we’ve earned a reputation as the UK’s number one lash brand, across pre-treatment, consultation, application and aftercare. We help people enhance their eyes, so they can reveal their true self.

Our transformational treatments elevate natural lashes or extend them, delivering impactful results every time, whatever you choose. We are the gold standard for lash training, globally recognised for our award-winning courses and international-level educators, who mentor and inspire the next generation of lash artists. Our revolutionary products work together to provide daily care for lashes and the delicate eye area. We’re the leading experts on beautiful eyes. No-one knows more.

Margaret Dabbs London
Sienna X at The Beauty Inn

Nespresso Professional

We develop our coffees in a blend composition much like a form of magical alchemy. Having practiced these skills for over 25 years, Nespresso quality creation is masterful, not coincidental. As a perfumer knows the harmonics of his ingredients, so our master blenders understand the origins and the transformation of fragrance and flavours.

Nespresso panel cuppers are intensively trained, tested, certified and re-certified every 3 months for their ability to identify quality. Sensory evaluation looks beyond physical attributes, linking taste to variety, terroir and care in cultivation.  

Nespresso came up with a simple but revolutionary idea: to create the perfect cup of espresso coffee with an exquisite crema, tantalising aroma and full-bodied taste, as generations of skilled baristas have done, yet with maximum convenience.

This spirit of innovation is still alive in our continuous quest for excellence at all stages of coffees creation, from the cherry on the tree to your perfectly extracted cup.  In the final quality step to the customer, extraction, Nespresso’s complete quality system ensures that finished capsules interact with machines in such a way as to extract all the flavours that have been so carefully sought, selected for, roasted, ground and packed.  In other words, to serve as the ultimate expression of all that has gone heretofore.  Our brewing systems operate at the right water temperature, quantity and pressure for each coffee design, so they deliver our quality promise in the cup.

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