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A Lightbulb Moment....An Idea!

"It would be so good if we had something around here."

Just like everything in life, it all started one day when the light bulb lit!

Something local, but high-end, is it possible?  Absolutely. 

Given time, dedication and thought to this particular detail, we elaborately went on a search to bring result-driven products and world renowned brands under one roof, and are continuing to doing so.  We have associated luxury to everything we bring to you, including our services. 

The Beauty Inn Story

"We’ve loved every minute of our journey."

The Blossom Room

It isn't just plain white walls at The Beauty Inn.  Our Blossom Room will engulf you in its wonderful scenery, and surround you with the beautiful hues of the pink blossoms scattered lusciously on the pathway before your very eyes.  The effect is all about taking you away on a journey of your own during a luxury pedicure with a glass of Prosecco in hand or whilst you awaken from a relaxing Elemis facial. 

The Forest Room

Welcome to our Forest Room.  This is where the sounds of nature will surround your senses and the woodland sunrise will remind you to look to the brighter side of life - as this is where all hair removal treatments take place.  Once the 'unwanted hair' and pain is gone, everything will seem wonderful of course, but the imagery and sound of the tweeting birds will relieve your nerves in minutes. 

Flowering Tea

What Make Us Special


As old traditions go in ancient times, Inns were establishments for travellers on the road far from home seeking comfort away from home. We may not be so far from home in the simple manner of speaking, however similarly life too becomes a journey so tiring, we often do not realise our bodies long for that comfort. The Beauty Inn welcomes you, in the same tradition to come in and indulge in our world of luxury comforts and hand-picked treatments bought to you with an added touch of class. 

Speaking of traditions, The Beauty Inn honours the British heritage and encourages brands that hail from the English Isles. Only the finest products and services have been selected one-by-one to ensure quality reaches you at no compromise. Our ethic is to deliver a service to the suburb areas, without our clients having to travel into the busy city of London in order to receive a luxury treatment. Everyone deserves a first class service no matter where they are or who they are.


Here at The Beauty Inn we do not make claims about knowing what beauty should be or how it should be perceived. We believe that life itself should be beautiful, whether you individually choose for that to be in the form of products, treatments or the services you receive. You, as an individual must be happy with what you see and how you feel about yourself, for us that is the ultimate beauty experience - to make you feel good. We believe in creating great moments, which create great memories, and great memories always last forever.

“The Beauty Inn is​​ an experience, that becomes a luxury.”

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